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Entering the trading world comes with a large number of problems and worries. Who can I trust? Which is the best broker for me? These are hugely important questions that can determine your success or failure when trading.

So, let’s get 500.TRADE reviewed and to see if this could be the best option for your trading journey.

About 500.TRADE who we are review

Well, you may have already seen that 500.TRADE is a broker that provides everyone with an opportunity to trade for financial freedom.   

They currently offer a selection of more than 70 different assets to trade. 

The fact that they have a web-based platform means you can manage your trading portfolio, both at home and on the go. Trading with 500.TRADE can be accessed either by phone or laptop.

They currently operate from 5 rue Goethe, 1637 Luxembourg.

The Markets assets index review

An essential question amongst many traders is what assets I can trade? And what assets work best for my trading style?

Well, 500.TRADE has an impressive amount of markets to operate in, ranging from forex, commodities, indices and stocks. The forex market has all of the major and minor pairs available along with many other less available currencies. Commodities can also be traded, this includes soft commodities like wheat and coffee but also hard commodities such as gold and oil. 

You can also trade indices, and a range of different stocks are available to buy and sell. 

500.TRADE has a wide range of markets that allows each trader to operate in their favourite asset class and pick one that suits their style. This is helpful to ensure that you can trade the most profitable markets for you. 

Diversifying your trading portfolio is essential for investors. 

Accounts accounts

So you’re looking to start trading with 500.TRADE, but now you have to make a decision on which account to choose. Currently, 500.TRADE offers five accounts that all come with different perks and benefits. 

Basic Account

First, we have a basic account, which requires a deposit of 250 euros. This is a small amount for new traders that currently don’t have the funds to invest more. 

However, there are still many other benefits to a basic account. The first includes Monday to Friday customer support, also an education centre to help you improve your market knowledge. Furthermore, they offer a daily market review, pro webinars, price alerts and daily analysis videos to help you grow as an investor and gather more experience.

Bronze Account

Next, we have a Bronze account which offers everything the basic does, as well as a junior account manager that can answer any questions or queries you may have, which can be essential on a day to day basis. Also, a Bronze account requires a minimum deposit of 1,000 euros. 

Silver Account

Let’s continue on to the silver account, which again offers what a basic account has to offer and more. The minimum deposit for a silver account is 5,000 euros. When choosing this account, you receive a 20% welcome bonus, silver spreads to improve your profitability and also a senior account manager that can assist you whenever needed. This is recommended as the most popular of all the accounts. 

Gold Account

Next, as you may have already guessed comes a gold account which requires a 10,000 euro deposit. It offers all of the basics along with gold spreads to help with profitability, an advanced education centre, a 40% welcome bonus and an executive account manager. Moreover, they also have gold signals that send alerts to your phone or email. A personalised trading strategy is also provided, plus one on one trading lessons are offered twice a month. 

Platinum Account

Finally, we have the last option for traders looking to improve their skills which is the platinum account. This account requires a 25,000 euro deposit. It offers many bonuses such as everything stated in the previous accounts, as well as platinum signals and spreads, a 60% welcome bonus, a pro-education centre and a VIP account manager. One on One training is weekly, and also exclusive position access is offered. 


Education can be critical, especially when you’re a beginner. It is clear that after analysing 500.TRADE, we can see that they offer an excellent education program whether you set up as a basic account or a platinum account. A basic account allows you to learn through their education centre, which offers tutorials and courses to gain valuable skills. They also provide a daily market review, pro webinars and daily analysis videos, providing you with all the essential tools needed.

Just like Invest100 and Oasis Trade, as you progress further to the gold and platinum accounts, the education provided improves with an account manager being offered, a one on one trading coach assisting you with your own unique strategy provided. Through this analysis, it is clear that 500.TRADE has a highly credible education program to help each user improve.

Customer Support And Ease Of Use

As previously stated their customer support runs from Monday to Friday every week to assist you with any questions and queries you may have. They can be contacted either through phone, email or web form, making it easy to get your questions answered. 

An essential factor when trading can be ease of use when accessing your accounts, with 500.TRADE I found it easy to use my account both at home through my desktop but also on the go as I can use my phone and receive alerts. This can be important as you will never miss out on an important trade or alert. 

The platform has a straightforward and effective layout meaning both new and experienced users can find it easy to navigate. 

Security And Technical Aspects

The security with 500.TRADE could not be safer, it seems to be an essential factor for 500.TRADE and will enable users to feel secure when depositing their money. 

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, both VISA and MasterCard transfers are allowed, and payment can also be made by bitcoin and BPAY. Withdrawals are usually paid via the same method used to deposit your funds.

When looking at the technical aspects of their trading services I was very impressed. The company offers low spreads on the tradable assets, as well as one click execution, which is extremely helpful for traders who look to enter the markets at speed. 

The indicators available to use on their platform were vast and technical traders should be able to find the tools they need. There is also a news feed for the traders who focus more on the fundamental side of the markets. 

One aspect of the platform that is exciting and allows 500.TRADE to compete with brokers like eToro is there social trading platform. This allows traders to copy and watch the trading of profitable investors and replicate their trades onto your own account. This is a great aspect of the companies platform.


After analysing 500.TRADE it is clear that the website is easy to navigate, which is essential for new traders entering the market. 

A decisive factor for many people involved in trading is security and trust in a broker, well with 500.TRADE we feel they offer this in abundance.

We conclude that 500.TRADE is an extremely reputable broker where new and experienced traders can thrive.