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It’s not where you get, it’s how far you go!

My Trade Live is the one-stop center for learning how to make money from the stock market. Suited for both novice and Forex market experts, we are sharing with you each step of our journey.


Furthermore, we will help you master the jargon and get deep insights into the trading psychology of Wall Street billionaires. Of course, no one can tell can you get rich by trading Forex, nor give you a tip to make a million within a day. However, we can help you create a proper mindset that would lead you to fortune.


Besides our experience in currency trade, we also serve as a beacon of common trading knowledge. With ample tips and tricks, we are guiding you through the stormy waters of trading.


Therefore, you should not worry if you don’t even know what is currency trading. As it is a journey, the knowledge you gain and the obstacles you overcome will make you more resilient. Finally, leading to success.


To embark on this journey, you only should ask yourself, “How do I start trading currency?” And MyTrade will answer it and follow up with abundant answers to any other questions. By revealing their trading secrets, our trading experts will teach you how to become a stock market ninja. 


Of course, much depends on your ability to acquire new skills. Since constant training improves your skills and makes you more adaptable, you should start to trade currency as soon as possible. For this reason, we are providing fresh deep insights from the market.


At the same time, we are saving you from harm while teaching you how to make profits. Following the advice of staying afloat by a 1% risk rule, you will finally reach your goal and a peaceful harbor of financial freedom. In this case, you will get independence and life without the boss that you once only beheld as fantasies!

It’s not where you get, it’s how far you go!

When you reach your financial goals, the urge to help others may appear. If you already have success in currency trade, contact us to share your story and help others. By doing so, we are creating a community. 


In this way, we are going a step further on our journey by acquiring both financial and social wealth.