Fiat Currency Trading: What Time is the Best Time to Trade?

Fiat currency trading happens in the Forex market. When starting out, any trader should understand this market. As it is a foothold for other types of trading, it holds analysis applicable to different types of trading.

Seemingly, the best time for currency trade depends on the currency. Second, the best time depends on the obligations of the trader. It is because of those who are working full-time at other jobs that can’t watch the market 24-hours, 5-days a week.

Thereby determining your own hours is essential. As the psychology of trading depends on the clear mind, you should be realistic. Behavior that leads to fatigue could result in substantial losses in the market.

Therefore, the best time to trade is a combination of yours and the working time of the Forex market.

How Does Currency Trading Actually Work?

As mentioned, currency trading is an activity of the Forex market. This is the market of $5 trillion a day that runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This means you will have a whole weekend for different analyses.

Forex market opens at 10 PM GMT on Sunday night and closes at 10 PM GMT on Friday night. This means it is incorporating all business hours without taking a break until the close for the weekend.

Worldwide Currency Trading Sessions

Currency trading sessions

These hours are split into 4 different trading sessions that each overlap each other. These sessions are:

  • New York
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney
  • London

We will go through each session below and review their characteristics.

Tokyo as the First Session

Tokyo is the first currency trading session

Otherwise known as the Asian session, Tokyo is the starting session. It is also the first of the Asian sessions to open, followed by other countries in the region.

During this session, you will mainly see JPY pairs heavily traded. Therefore, if you have any of these pairs in your trading strategy, make sure you keep an eye on the Tokyo session.

In case of a significant percentage of JPY in your portfolio, you should organize your hours to suit this session. By doing so, you would be able to reap the differences in the price movements. Consequently, you will make profits.

Although it is not as volatile as the New York and London, Tokyo session has more action then the Sydney session.

Sydney as the Dullest Currency Trading Session

Sydney is the dullest currency trading session

Seemingly, this is usually the quietest of the four trading sessions mentioned above. In the case of Sydney, there are not too many trending moves. From our experience, price tends to move sideways most of the time.

Even though you will get some continuation of trends or trend reversals, it is dull for most of the time. If there are any news releases during this session, sudden moves can occur. Of course, any market will move in case of game-changing news.

One interesting thing to note is that this session usually has a lot of movement at the initial open on Sunday. This happens if there has been some news over the weekend. However, the whole situation settles very fast as traders will react very early.

Usually, the price movements have a short-term. For this reason, the Sydney session is the most stable.

London as the Busiest Session

London is the busiest currency trading session

On the other hand, the London session is the most liquid session of them all. As soon as London opens, there is an influx of traders who are coming to the market.

It is because the London session is having the most considerable amount of global trading share. The vast number of traders now enter the market at this point, not just from London and the UK but also from other parts of Europe. Consequently, all major financial hubs participate in the London session.

Once the session starts, you will begin to see a lot of price movement. At this session, trends will continue or reversed. Moreover, there will be many more major news releases throughout the day.

Recently, Brexit is the central news source, making traders sentry on any information. Of course, all of this news would be causing spikes in price.

This is usually the session to be in for traders as it has the potential for big profits.

New York as the Best Currency Trading Session

New York is the session for novice traders

Finally, we move onto the second most liquid session – the New York session. The overlap between the London and New York session is usually the busiest time of the trading day.

At that time, you will see traders on both sides of the Atlantic moving price heavily and reacting to the news. As mentioned, the Brexit dictates the London, but influences a lot a New York session, too.

On the other hand, USD holds most of the currency trading in the world. It is because the US is involved in many crises in the world. For this reason, any news around the world will impact the dollar.

Furthermore, New York marks the start of the opening of the US stock exchanges.

What Time is the Best Time to Trade?

As mentioned, this depends on the individual trader. However, the overlap of the London/New York session provides the most opportunity for big currency moves.

It is because this is the time when most traders are entering and exiting the market. Therefore, the opportunities for significant gains are greatly improved. Especially if there are some major news releases during this time.

A quieter session that gives you a little bit more time to breathe is the New York session only. Seemingly, it is not as hectic.

If answering a novice on what time is the best time to trade, the answer would be – New York time in the afternoon. In this case, you can focus a bit more. You will avoid getting caught up in big moves you may have missed.

Another good session to recommend would be the Tokyo session with similar qualities with slightly less volatility. However, it may be better to focus on currencies in that region during this period.

To conclude, make sure you pick a session to suit your trading style and the pairs you want to focus on.

Hopefully, this review will provide you with opportunities to make some good profits!

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